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This is where the true heart of me lies... this is the place where you'll find what I'm here to say... this is The Gallery.

Welcome, wayfarers. See you around the corners ;)...





FREE MARS - Hammer to Fall by Aerion-the-Faithful
FREE MARS - Hammer to Fall
So, this happened :D

After a long absence from drawing duties on the once-weekly webcomic FREE MARS, its writer extraordinaire Dave Pauwels and myself have come back to do it again. The format will be a bit different as you can see from the above posted promotional teaser, but the girls and their rise as stars of revolution has not lost any of its potency; if anything, black and white will only make them even more hardcore! :headbang:

Following the second volume of FREE MARS: Ashes to Ashes, I told Dave I wanted to go on a bit of a hiatus to take care of some very delayed projects and overdue commission work. And after two years uninterrupted of putting out the free webcomic, some perspective was much needed I believe. 
Fans of the band and its misadventures kept asking time and again if they'd ever be coming back and I must admit The Sisters Grimm had won a place in my heart no other story could replace. So Dave proposed that we went back to our roots and do another chapter in the girls' saga against the iron fist of the Combined Systems Corporation, with an approach we could be satisfied with. 
Black and white had always been tossed around as a possibility for the comic to make it viable for printing and also easier to manage within my overbooked schedule. I did some tests and the girls look better than ever, so we get to this point.

FREE MARS: Hammer to Fall will begin production shortly and hopefully all of those familiar with the comic will join us once again. And if you still have not heard about the revolution, head over to the website and get up to speed! We'll also be posting updates there as the process moves forward.

As usual, I hope you have a great weekend and let me know what you think about this new look for the girls!

As Rorschach would say 'Hrm.' I'm going to give this Status Update a try and see if anyone's in for the ride. Currently working on something new from FREE MARS (in-between the overdue commissions and projects)! I'll upload it as soon as it's done...
...even Death may die. by Aerion-the-Faithful
...even Death may die.
"That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die."</b>

Abdul Alhazred, Al Azif.

Much has been said and written about the Necronomicon created by the legend that was H.P. Lovecraft, but not nearly as much about his writer, the "Mad Arab", Abdul Alhazred. And I think part of the reason I'm fascinated with this character so much is that shroud of complete mystery surrounding his life and eventual nightmarish demise.

This piece will be an addendum to a commission that's been brewing for almost four years; aeons, indeed! The client has been overly patient as are so many folks that have asked me for a piece, so I'm tryng to sneak in these gifts or even making larger canvases to make up for the delays. At first, I was going to illustrate yet another of the Old Gods, but I found that just hinting at them, as Lovecraft himself did, worked much better than fully revealing them according to my imagination. So I focused instead on another hinted-at character, but one much closer to our world than those ancient sleeping Gods. One whose cruelty and dark ways are so beyond comprehension they become gripping and enthralling...
The result is a very raw and powerful illustration that surprised even me. The look of complete madness and zealuous focus of Abdul here is truly one of my best renditions of expression. And the background and 'ink pot' I think help complete that obscure, gory nether realm Alhazred tried to write about in his infamous book. The fact that he seems so comfortable and completely oblivious to the horror surrounding him was something I definitely wanted to achieve and I'm very proud of the results.

As usual, let me know what you think and hope you all have a great week!

Captain Baraxis Korius by Aerion-the-Faithful
Captain Baraxis Korius
Hello dear watchers and watcherettes! 

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was spent working as usual and catching up with the long pile of embarrasingly long overdue commissions I have to deliver to my patient clients. This is one such image.

It's been long since I've posted anything from the Dark Millenium, though that doesn't mean I don't have a lot of requests to fulfill with that subject. So, I thought I'd break the spell and post here an original character I was aked to draw.
I've always loved DIY Chapters. They breal from the usual norms and make me try things I wouldn't otherwise. Different patterns, palettes, ornaments, etc. In this particular case, this Captain was supposed to be very imposing, which I think I managed to get accross. He also has a very special sword, with an interesting blade. Another thing I tried which is new to me was working on a more painterly style for the background bust of Korius as opposed to the lines that always contain my work. I loved the result as it is both soft but very well defined at the same time. It keeps the strength of my style while clearly separating it from my usual rendering techniques. I think I may have to keep testing this :)

I hope you enjoy it and let me know what you think, as usual!

Have a great week and see you soon.


© Games Workshop Ltd. 2014
Moby by Aerion-the-Faithful
Here's another of those warm-ups I've done in preparation for the day's inking, which end up being a very cool creative outlet amongst a sea of pages, projects and commissions.

Herman Melville's Moby Dick was one of the first books I read when I became a young adult that opened up my view into what literature really meant. Thus, it has stayed with me for all these years, with Ahab chasing his monster throughout the sea of imagination, endlessly enraged and obsessed. Oddly enough, I'd never illustrated the book until now. And I believe B&W suits the white whale very well, especially because I merged it with the framing of the piece, thus giving it an even more encompassing feel to its presence.

You've all been very kind with these pieces lately and I will get back to my color posting once I finish several commissions on my plate. But I greatly enjoy black and white as you know, so I might indulge a bit more. Let me know what you think as usual!



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Nicolás R. Giacondino
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Better known as Aerion the Faithful throughout the internet,
Nicolás R. Giacondino (N.R.G!), is a professional illustrator and comic-book artist, based in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

He began drawing at a young age and has since developed a fresh and unique style that has garnered much attention and acclaim from audiences and colleagues alike. His fan work on Games-Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 property as well as his recent webcomic project FREE MARS and his graphic novel UTOPIA, are some of the highlights of his career.

If I were to adapt a story from Dan Abnett's Warhammer 40,000 novels, which would you choose...? 

279 deviants said EISENHORN.
217 deviants said GAUNT'S GHOSTS.


In the following links you'll find the webcomics I'm currently illustrating, so head on over there for your weekly dose of NRG art!

DIVINITY (updated every Friday)

DIVINITY - Prologue by Aerion-the-Faithful

FLIGHT OF THE BINTURONG (updated every Tuesday)

Flight of the Binturong by Aerion-the-Faithful


FREE MARS - Going LIVE! by Aerion-the-Faithful


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¡Muchísimas gracias, Esteban! Siempre es un placer escuchar elogios de un hermano latinoamericano.

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I would appreciate it if you could let me know when you are accepting commissions again

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Note sent!

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