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April 7, 2010
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Death Throes by Aerion-the-Faithful Death Throes by Aerion-the-Faithful
In the grim Darkness of the far future, there is only... artwork!


This one goes to all the fans of the Dark Millenium that usually wait quite long between these images. Now you got two (three even, if you count Vulkan!) in a row. I hope you enjoy!

This one I like a lot because it let me draw Space Marines as usual, but adding a twist: a non-regular Chapter, the Celestial Lions, versus a very cool Traitor Chapter, the Night Lords (the Batman Legion of the 41st Millenium). With them I particularly wanted to achieve a great effect on their armour, because it is described as being in constant change and movement, as if there was a storm raging within it. However, it's hard to achieve that in paint, but we can get close.
I rendered the plates as if they were indeed electrified and constantly fluxing with lightning. I hope I've achieved the desired effect!

I also think the scene depicts quite a violent battle, which is what the client requested, so...

Let me know what you think as usual!


Games Workshop Ltd. 2010
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A truly inspiring artwork indeed. Paired with recent official artwork on Celestial Lions, it's more than enough to drive a few people to try out this Space Marines color scheme, myself included.

Love the dynamics. The Night Lords look great, but a little to bright (their armour was always depicted as Midnight Blue).
AWESOME, love you Celestial Lions colors, that dark turquoise blue is absolutly marvellous (he remind me Lapis Lazuli stones), love the orange tainted gold too.

Your 40k artwork in general are amazing, great contribution to our univers. Thanks for all.

ps: now I want a small force of Celsetial Lions on my miniature collection! ;)
The Celestial Lions. The only Astartes (besides, perhaps, the Iron Snakes) to turn out the way the Emperor wanted. You know, actually protecting people. Also, kudos for getting the Night Lords' lightning effect on their armor! You really do know your fluff.

I wonder if anyone ever thought of a chapter that acts like the opposite of the Night Lords. Instead of sowing terror, lift the spirits and morale of the Imperial forces. Hell, a glowing Angel of Death smiting you with divine wrath is probably scarier than the guy with bat wings and skulls.
rhoadesd20 Jul 29, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Celestial Lions fan-art! I Love it! :floating:
"Seriously?! I know batwings are scary looking, but bat wings ON THE HELMET? Seriously? It just make you look silly."

[Stabs Night Guard with power sword]

"That's extra-heretical if you ask me."
AngaelWings May 26, 2011  Student General Artist
batman legion?? lol!
THAT is beyond cool
jmqrz Aug 12, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
absolutely outstanding piece!
Fascinating work!

But have to say that there should be no mutation on Night Lords legionaire, they have no wings no claw, no possessed without saying.
depends on corruption of the warband, their not ALL completely pure, in Soulhunter a Night Lords leader is starting to change from being possessed for so long. and Krieg Acerbus, a famous Night Lord, is a daemon prince, so it is possible.
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