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April 2, 2012
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Family Tree by Aerion-the-Faithful Family Tree by Aerion-the-Faithful
Happy Monday, fellow watchers and watcherettes!

Just a couple of days ago I posted some thoughts regarding the favourites and views system over here at dA and how it seemed to be very chaotic and whimsical. I also added to it some other concerns I had as an artist, receiving a lot of positive feedback and encouragement on your part (which was very appreciated!).

However, as I said, these were only thoughts; and whilst some of you were concerned that I'd stop illustrating the Dark Millenium of Warhammer 40,000, I never meant for such a thing to happen. I will just try to control the quantity of it pouring onto my Gallery, for the sake of diversity.

That said, here's my latest foray into the Emperor's domains; a follow-up of my last grimdark piece ( [link] ), featuring a growing family of assassins.
To be honest, when the client proposed this idea to me I jumped at the opportunity of showing something else from this universe that wasn't just guts and bang-bang (though I understand fully that is the actual atmosphere of the setting!). The possibility of showing a growing family in WH40K is very sparse, but a good change from the usual. I was also sold on the fact that I'd have to render a desert filled with Eldar ruins (one of my favourite environments!).

A few details I'm particularly proud of are the clothes, based on the IG Tallarn regiment, the colour of the sand and the many moons and the poses of the characters (quite natural and dynamic).

I hope you enjoy this one and remember that I will always be glad to do the Emperor's work :D


Games Workshop Ltd. 2012
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Good job, and good to see they are still alive, happy and a family (and not heretical).

Though I think I should say that in desert, especially sandy ones if you can wear something that covers every bit of skin it's much better than not (even if it means boiling a bit in your own clothing.

She, being a shapeshifter does not need to worry about it though.
AngaelWings Apr 26, 2012  Student General Artist
nice! so this guys are ... imperial?
That's very inspiring.

On a side note, I'm starting a business with a friend... we'll be making custom armies or miniatures for hobbies of all sort but primarly some warhams goodies. I'll keep you in touch if you want. I know I didin't talk much over the last years but know that you have been a constant inspiration both in art and in how you manage to live a glorious life. I love you man, stay at it!
explorer family...interesting.

guess 40K universe isn't all darkness and death. There are moments and happiness and heartwarming pleasure (GET OUT SLANNESH!) in between, and I love the costume design and colours. The eldar ruins look amazing!
Coxy-the-RedBeard Apr 5, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd be interested in seeing this story played out
kartiksharma Apr 3, 2012  Student General Artist
Very beautiful!! :)
Belazikkal Apr 3, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
In the grim darkness of the far future, love did bloom. How else to explain hive worlds with billions of people on them?

Pretty serene picture this, which makes it lovely. Muted colours, with some nice spot colours in the reds and purples, as well as the blue of the mother's power sword (pity the fool that gets between her and her child!).

For some reason though my eyes really are drawn to the water colour sky. Perhaps because it's such a different technique from the markers elsewhere that it stands out, but not in a negative way.
I really like the use of subdued colour and the space given over to the environment.

I think this might be one of the most meaningful pieces in your entire gallery. In even the most terrible worlds, people can find contentment and make lives for themselves—even if the way they live and the means by which they achieve contentment are horrid to outsiders. Family Tree demonstrates both the hope and the monstrosity, and it is good.
Great work as usual Aerion.
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