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May 28, 2011
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Imperial Tarot - The Emperor by Aerion-the-Faithful Imperial Tarot - The Emperor by Aerion-the-Faithful
[EDIT] I'm uploading the updated version of this card, with its full frame. Enjoy!

The Emperor's Tarot (a.k.a Imperial Tarot) is a pack of seventy-eight psychoactive liquid-crystal wafers that are linked to the thoughts of the Emperor. The Tarot, commonly believed to have been designed by the Emperor himself, is used throughout the Imperium as a form of divination.

I know some of you hardcore Dark Millenium fans will get excited about this:D

This is the first card illustration of my latest project; along with my many others.
About a year ago I was approached by multi-Slayer Sword winner Chris Borer to work on my inerpretation of the Imperial Tarot for him. To say I was interested would be an understatement. I was speechless! These were two of my greatest passions combined, so I couldn't turn down the offer and we set about defining which Major Arcana we would be doing and which we would take liberties with.

After many shortcomings, delays and other stuff in the middle, this is the first card of the set finally finished and ready to be framed. And I think The Emperor was a proper fit to be the door to the project.

Being an avid student and practitioner of Tarot lore, I aimed to design these cards in the classic symbolism attached to this occult deck. But, if possible, adding a bit of the own reality that is WH40K. The mix, I sense, is a worthy product.

I'd ever illustrated The Emperor in the Golden Throne before, so this was certainly daunting and challenging, bu I think I've done the Master of Mankind justice. I love the way the gold melts and how vibrant it is compared to the decayed flesh of The Emperor. I also like details like his fiery sword and the tears being collected from his eyes, as well as the tired yet menacing expression on his face.

So, you'll be the final judges of course and hopefully in showing this to you I'll gather the strengh necessary to work on the remaining 21 Major Arcana.

Wish us luck on this journey!


Games Workshop Ltd. 2011
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"The Emperor Protects."

--- The Lecititio Divinitatus, Imperium of Man, M31.
Aerion-the-Faithful Dec 9, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Indeed He does!

Even on life support he is still badass
ArcturusNovus May 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
@LordHellstorm well you wouldn't look great either after being mortally wounded and then left in a life-support throne for millenia.
that is exactly how I imagined him to look
ok, not exactly, but close
Wow Horus really messed him up
Plus about 10000 years being placed on the Golden Throne.
I really like it great job. Its amazing cause he is a corpse but he is still the Emperor and you have captured the former power and glory he used to hold even though he is now rotting.
I love the eyes, so full of power and determination
Glorious piece! May his sacrifice live on forever more.
raypettit74 Aug 5, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Ok so, now I need a deck of cards to make my own tarot ;-)
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