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November 16, 2011
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Rumble on by Aerion-the-Faithful Rumble on by Aerion-the-Faithful
My dear watchers and watcherettes...

I apologise for not being around much, but I have an incredibly steep workload I must sift through most days to even get close to the computer. And when I do, it's just to scan, type replies or touch-up levels in PS.

However, some of that workload I may share, as is the case here.
This is a long overdue illustration for ~Molok04, of his own Warhammer 40,000 Sapce Marine Chapter: the Red Legion.

As you can see, it is heavily influeced by the Soviet era Russia, a period I'mvery keen on, when it comes to history. I have always had a deep respect for Russia and its architecture and culture, so I was very happy with this piece's theme.
I tried to convey a lot of resolution and might in this one, as well as showing a cold side to this march that is not usually seen on Warhammer 40,000 artwork. It's always red/orange explosions and caleidoscopic colours; I think seeing Marines march in the snow is just as menacing.
There are many details I like about this one, especially the palace in the background and the figure of Krusciev, the commander in front; the Librarian being a mystic, with his dark-blue robes and haunting eyes, the bolters with added wood touches to resemble AK-47s; and the subtle effect of the snow.

I hope this serves as a bit of an encouragement to keep visiting my Gallery and I hope I can upload more illustrations in the near future!



Games Workshop Ltd. 2011
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hell march would fit here)
Well done, but a Soviet or Russian-inspired Chapter should use RED STARS for its insignia. Everyone knows the US uses white stars, and to see them on a Soviet or Russian, is like seeing the Mark of Slaanesh on a Champion of Khorne.
не Петр, а Примарх Иван Грозный!!!
Cool picture! Well done!
Soviet Marines! YEAH!!!
Автор молодчина)))!
Зачётно выглядит))
Hahaha! Great detail with the vodka bottle hanging from the belt XD
Severemis Dec 16, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome! I want this chapter have been real in Russia)
And yes - thanks that no bears, really thanks!
Такая "клюква"!
So, I love the picture as always, and the scenery is amazing.

But, maybe I'm the only who saw this as a first impression. Probably because it's nearing christmas.

Force commander St. Nick, with his army of elves, and the Evil Father Winter as the librarian scheming on his plans! With the north pole behind him of course.

anyways, love the art as usual. Your skies area always so interesting and alive, envious.
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